Flowers from Ginger plants commonly seen in Malaysia



Getting away from the more common flowers - there are some flowers of the Ginger plants which are suitable and accepted as cut flowers. Of course, the selected species are farmed in this country.  I take this opportunity to show you, the many types I encountered while trekking in the forest.

Having prepared this pages and from the feed-backs I received, most visitors were keen to learn more about the ginger roots as a food condiments or the species which are used as herbs. Here again, I can only write about the sketchy points I have overheard or are common knowledge in Malaysia. No attempts are made to publicize the wide usages of Ginger .

Very clear to me is - I hope that you will enjoy seeing some of the unknown and uncommon flowers from Gingers. Then you also see some of those usually seen in gardens plus some of the variants that are not so readily encountered. Overall, for those seen in Malaysia, I would say my coverage is fairly complete.One more fact - The scientific names, normally printed beside each picture are omitted. Like I mentioned earlier, most people would not concerned themselves with the groupings and relationship of these plants with one another. .

lEtlingera-ground Alpinia Costus
Curcuma Hedychium Hornstedia
Globba Chinese Ginger Kaempferia
Etlingera-torch Zingiber Geostachy
Ground-Zingiber Alpinia-domesticated Etlingera-Wild
 But honestly, on many pictures I had with me,  I still could not make positive ID. Then again, this is meant to be a hobbyist page.  I should not be too particular about this omission

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