Flowers of the Ginger Plants

    Wild Ginger - Geostachys -      

This is one type of Ginger plants that are found on peaks of isolated mountains. There are 2 species of this genus recorded . The notable ones are:-

Geostachys elegans

Geostachys densiflora


First point- notice that the root stock are raised above ground by thick roots. They are on stilts. The stems usually clustered together.


The inflorescence on a fairly long stalk is standing upright. Each bearing 2 flowers at one time.


A close- up of the flowers - the lips over 10 mm, rounded and orange-yellow in colour


The next species


Unlike the earlier species, these plants congregate into a huge clump.


A close- up of the flowers -


A peduncle filled with stiff sheaths that hold the flowers.



And then the flowers themselves when blooming


The fruits after the flowering

Flowers of the Ginger Plants

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