To be living in Malaysia & able to see what the remaining forest can still offer, is the best gift in life.
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Introducing Myself

You have reached the pages of Khong Tuck Khoon. I am a Malaysian in my early 60's. Having retired for quite a few years now, I found my life. I am doing all the things that I loved. Like the books says.

Easier said than done. It depends so much on the individual as to how intense a or how wide a coverage should e his involvements. I am an extremist, I like to see that last details. But again I have such a diversified interest. As you would have noticed that from the numerous topics that I have put, to many experts, I am skimming the surfaces. But think about those who do not think much about how wide a spread. I am sure they least concerned as to how much or what I had put up so far.

I am saying this as my passion is recording what I have covered.

Then back to my hobbies. Principally, I travel. I travel to do bird watching. I would venture into the hills again to get that rare pictures of waterfalls. On the way, I would pick up bits and pieces of scene relating flowers, insects and plants. When I have sizeable collection to make a story, I would assemble them. there goes a new page.

With advancement in digital photography and graphic editing, these possibilities open up new avenues for more hobbies. If you were to examine the span of interests and I am seriously indulged, then that explain the reason why I just couldn't cope up with what I set out to do. On the way suffers much losses in quality. I hope that you will bear with me. One of my interest is slowly putting my pages in order.

If you have something to enquire or some feedback that would help remove certain unforgivable errors, you are most welcome. I am ready to be corrected.


What have I been doing all of these times

I love traveling and exploring since I was a kid. That passion stayed on and in the early 80's with the abilities to travel, I did my best in learning the Geography of this Peninsula. Later in the 90's that passion extended and I had t cover Thailand across the border. To see how life in the cities and the jungle is liked.

Of course, with the chance to see new subjects and topics, interests were accumulated and refined. Among the numerous topics, one on nature seems to be endless. But there were problems.

On one side of the coin, there was no incentive to be a specialist in any one field and on the other hand the bits and pieces collected were too valuable to shelf them. Then came the internet! What a blessings. Now I could write and put pictures with what rudimentary knowledge I have on the subject for sharing. I have always dream of the flowers and the animals that were readily available elsewhere but we do not get to photograph.

Here I am doing likewise as I dreamt. Take the pictures, share them. For those staying nearby, I could add in some words as to where you could go to get the same scenes.

On the top menu bar are the links to the few sites that I have. I have also catalogued my sites into one dedicated site. However, it is not possible to link it. If you are interested, the address is very brief. It is simply "khong" that is my name followed by the server "8k" and of course ending with the usual "com". Don't forget the "dot" in between. Bookmark this address once you have got it. You are welcome to visit it from time to time to see my updates.

My apologies, for having to inform you of such clandestine tactics. having to present my materials on a free site, I have to compete against paying clients and working with very restrictive bandwidth.

That again is not a complain but a challenge and a pleasurable spot to be in.