Flowers from the wild plants



The Alpinia are perhaps the ginger plants that one encounter most often in the Malaysian wilderness. These plants are seen in the lowlands, beside ditches and river banks. on the higher ground as bushes. Some sparse while others in clumps.


Specimen No.1 - a flowering bush

Its flower in greater details

The fruits

In Peninsula Malaysia, there are 23 species from this group. Some names of the conspicuous species are shown.

Scientific Names Common Names  Local Names
Alpinia petiolata Stalked -leaved Alpinia  
Alpinia conchigera Lesser Alpinia Lengkuas ranting
Alpinia rafflesiana Raffles' Alpinia  
Alpinia javanica Javanese Alpinia Lengkuang, Gingin, Paur Puteh
Alpinia mutica Narrow -leaved Alpinia  
Alpinia galanga Greater Galangal Lengkuas
Alpinia melanocarpa Black -fruited Alpinia Lengkuas ranting

More of Alpinia Flowers


The second specimen

The buds are closer grouped


 A close up of the flowers

With little difference



This fruits too are closely packed.


Yet another below the dry land and hill species. 

Flower arising singly from the axis of the inflorescence.

A bush of the next hill species.

Flowers arising in groups of more than 2 from the axis of the inflorescence. Cup-shaped, not split along one side and not falling off early.

One species found in the state of Pahang

More variance in other species.

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