Flowers from the wild plants


Domesticated Alpinia in privately owned gardens

When Ginger is mentioned, the plant referred to is the Zingiber as shown in the relevant page. However there is yet another type of ginger that is very close to the hearts of the Malaysian - Lengkuas or the Greater Galangal. It is farmed on a commercial scale as well as some plants in the domestic garden.

Here is an inflorescence of the Alpinia galanga in full bloom

  A close-up of the flowers - in various stages

This is a plants found growing in the wilderness. the thick rootstock is used as medicine as well  as a food condiment. For example :- in Chinese cooking, the ginger goes very well in preparation of food with red meat.

In Peninsula Malaysia, there are 23 species from this group. Examples of the conspicuous species are shown.

Scientific Names Common Names  Local Names
Alpinia petiolata Stalked -leaved Alpinia  
Alpinia conchigera Lesser Alpinia Lengkuas ranting
Alpinia rafflesiana Raffles' Alpinia  
Alpinia javanica Javanese Alpinia Lengkuang, Gingin, Paur Puteh
Alpinia mutica Narrow -leaved Alpinia  
Alpinia galanga Greater Galangal Lengkuas
Alpinia melanocarpa Black -fruited Alpinia Lengkuas ranting

Domesticated flowers - The Royal Jungle Couple

There is yet another species of Alpinia popularly seen in Malaysian gardens. This is the Alpinia purpurata. Gradually the plant that lined the city streets, in front of offices has slowly given way to more glamorous hybrid. This is another group of plants that has close resemblances to this pair. What co-incidence? this pair are much neater and majestic. For years now gardener are contended with the red coloured  Alpinia purpurata. Lately the pink coloured cousin made the scene. At last both these plants are gradually making their exit to the "Jungle King & Queen"

They are identical in almost all aspects.

The notable differences are the size. It is larger in bloom and the petals more stout.


The "Queen" has a large bud and last longer in bloom.



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Flowers of the Ginger Plants

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