Flowers of the Ginger Plants

       Ginger Species - Hedychium    

  Plants cultivated for their flowers

Apart from those growing in the wild on their own, one cultivated  species, H. coronarium is commonly seen.

Cultivated Hedychium

This is a picture of a hybrid Hedychium coronarium. A common cultivated plant. This plant has fleshy Rootstock and with leafy stem. The particular species above can grow up to 6 feet tall. In most cases below 4 feet tall.



They have large  inflorescence of fragrant flowers

The color of flowers ranges from pale yellow to pure white. 

It's presence is easily felt through the strong fragrance.

The prominently felt during dusk and that becomes a feature of this plant..


Another imported species that is fast gaining popularity is

 Hedychium gardneriarum 



The cultivated and those growing in the wild? Here a field of Hedychium coronarium species.  This shows a how a jungle of them, growing the wild, would appear. 


There are 7 species of these recorded in Peninsula Malaysia, the local species are:-

Scientific Names 

 Common Names   Local names
Hedychium longicornutum    Perched Gingerwort   Tepus hinggap
Hedychium paludosum   Cameron Highlands hedychium  



So far, the Hedychium seen, are those planted the lowlands. One species growing in the wild is found mainly in the Cameron Highlands. This plant rather different, is epiphytic.

Here is this medium size plant perching on a detached tree trunk.

The flower bud

The fruits

Finally the flowers themselves

Flowers of the Ginger Plants

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