Flowers of the Ginger Plants

       Ginger Species - Curcuma    

This species is commonly cultivated in Malaysia rather than found in the wild.

First, this species is well known and well used. The root stock are used dye, to stain rice as in "Nasi Kunyit" and cloth. It is also used as a food condiment.  Almost essential in the preparation of Curry, for creating he flavor. Again in food preparation that requires a yellow tinge. Beyond that, other lesser known uses includes - being a major component in traditional medicine and seen as inclusion  in religious rites


The most popular species seen is the Curcuma domestica Also known as Turmeric, or Kunyit  in the local language

While most plants seen in the country are cultivated type. 

Only 2 species are known to be endemic wild plants. Both are in Perlis!

     Scientific Names          Local Names
Curcuma mangga         Temu pauh
Curcuma aeruginosa         Temu hitam
Curcuma zedoaria         Temu kuning
Curcuma xanthorhiza         Temu lawas

The uppermost bracts of most spike in many species have gradually changing hues. They range from purple to pink as seen in the pictures on the right 

I have yet to stumbled upon some flowers blooming, outside my own garden. The plant thrive well in semi-shaded conditions. Flowers are thick and perennials.

Below-The view of the whole plant, normally within 3 feet from the base to the end of flowering stalk.

Flowers of the Ginger Plants

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