Flowers of the Ginger Plants

    Malaysian - Costus -        

You will see them. In the garden & the wilderness

This is one species of wild ginger plants that blooms the whole year round.

Not surprising to be noticed by trekkers and those on outdoor quest!

There are thick bushes. Small clumps just as shown in this picture. Some plants even appear singly as a stock.


Some names to chew! These are species that are found in the wild. Those that you will meet up during your trekking days.
Costus speciosus - White costus [Setawar] - This is a forest plants that thrive alone and can reach 12 feet tall.
Costus globosus -Red Costus- Usually seen near wetlands area and appear as a bush. This plant is shorter at about 10 feet tall. As they can be domesticated, this species is fast accepted as garden plant.



Point to note about Costus.  The leaves are spirally arranged. In the example above, even the stem itself are contorted in a spiral manner.


This is typical feature seen in the 2 common Costus, the plants of the Malaysian wilderness.



A red "flower" here, some with another  white "flowers" attached.

A striking and prominent item among the evergreen foliage that attracts many jungle trekkers.

 In fact, the red color grenade shape "flower" with spikes is the inflorescence of the Costus plant. The actual flower is white. In dense undergrowth, the plants climbs itself up as a single plant. Then this red head of flowers stand out.

There 3 species endemic to Peninsula. At the time of writing more were introduced into the country as ornamental plants.

A close -up of the flower from the lowland Costus globosus.


In general, this plant, the Costus is a plant of low maintenance. A couple of introduced species, readily sprout into a low circular bush. Pleasant to blend in to with the overall landscaping ideas and as well as needing little care.

The one below at the first glance, looks like the inflorescence from a Zinziber ginger plant. Look at the leaves of the plant [not shown] and the shape of the flower - it is quite unlike.


A close -up of the white flower

Below- It is getting to be collector's item. The plant is prolific grower with fair amount of flowers

Another species

This is one with spindle shape inflorescence

Last, a tall plant with showy flowers.

Costus could well be adapted as an ornamental plants.


Flowers of the Ginger Plants

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