large varieties of flowers


These ginger flowers are those found just above ground. Some are even partially covered.

Above - Rather unusual, this plant was since growing just on the river banks. Otherwise, these plants prefers more solid footings.
Below - I have collected and posted up a series of pictures of these flowers without comments. The beauty of these flowers say a thousand words.


The lips are also about 2 inches long, notched but not at the tip.  Usually scarlet in color and have lower edges of yellow or orange. 


This is one variety where the lips are all of a single color.

Characteristics of the  Flowers

Inflorescence at ground level with a short underground stalk. Bracts are not ribbed with long lips of the flowers spreading horizontally, narrow at base and widening out towards the tip. 

In one species - many flowers, up to 10 may be blooming for a single inflorescence at a single occasion.

 Lips normally about 2 inches long come with a notched or lobed tip.

Sometimes streak with yellow and the base at the center.  These lips can be scarlet or orange red. 

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