Flowers of the Ginger Plants

       Ginger Species - Globba    

A dwarf ginger plant in the jungle

A very common but tiny ginger plants that can be seen readily in most part of Peninsula Malaysia

This plant recognizable by its long stamen stalk. Otherwise the plants itself, about 2 feet tall, comparatively much smaller as compared to other surrounding ginger plants.

Only its small size flowers match the plant itself

Most common, Globba pendula, note that what stick out from the inflorescence is not the usual shape flowers.  The round yellow blobs?

They are small vegetative bulbs called- bulbils.

Below-The view of the whole plant, normally within 3 feet from the base to the end of flowering stalk.

A close-up of the flowers

A variety of species that differs slightly

one from another


One more species - a small plant, 2 blades of leaf. Upright inflorescence but weighted down

A close-up of the flowers

In Malaysia, 10 wild species have been recorded

Scientific Names Common  Names
Globba pendula Pendulous Globba
Globba leucantha White Globba
Globba aurantiaca Orange Globba
Globba variabilis Variable Globba

The most encountered species along wet jungle paths , the Pendulous Globba. 

The Orange Globba is usually found in areas of high humidity or very  wet undergrowth. This less common Globba aurantiaca has orange flowers. Inflorescences crowd around the tip of the stalk and ending with a brown spot at its tip.

These are the 2 main variants of the species, that pop up every now and then

The flowering stalk stands erect or in most cases with the leaves spreading out towards the ground at a near horizontal position. Weighs down by the weight of the inflorescence




Flowers of the Ginger Plants -

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