Flowers of the Ginger Plants

     Ginger Species - Kaempferia -    

This species  is made known by one of its strong fragrance "Zedoary" Use commonly in Chinese cooking.

In the local Malay term, Kaempferia galanga is known as Chekur. 

Picture above, a plant found in the wild. Rather scattered. In the picture below are the domesticated plants from my own garden. The 2 or 3 leaves feature of this plant is clearly demonstrated by the pictures of the plant shown above. the plant is solitary and have leaf blades extending to as large as 25 cm long.

I have found this plants growing among the boulders next to a waterfall

There are 4 species of these recorded in Peninsula Malaysia

Scientific Names Local names
Kaempferia galanga         Chekur
Kaempferia rotunda         Kenchur
Kaempferia pulchra  

 The 2 plants with local names mentioned in he table above are cultivated.

The plants are clustered, forming a broad bush. Leaves are normally less than 10 cm long. This is small plant with only 2/3 blades of leaves spreading out around its base.

Contrary to all mentioned earlier, I have captured images of plant growing in the wild. Note the littered environment as compared to the 2 pictures right growing in pots.


Most species have only a solitary flower that pale white or lilac.

 Need not spend too much time searching for this species. It is seen only in cultivation. It known as "Sand Ginger" by the Chinese, supposedly the appropriate media for planting is sandy soil. Roots or rhizomes ends in small goblets. For the Chinese, the roots from the plants is an essential and major ingredients in seasoning duck meat.  It is also very often used as condiments when meat needs to be stewed.

In other sector this plant is still used as traditional medicine.

Flowers of the Ginger Plants

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