Ornamental Trees - as seen in Malaysian


When I mention "Trees" in this page, I am specifically referring to plants with woody stems and growing over 3 meters tall.

The trees listed on this page has risen to popularity as being preferred due to several reasons. Of course its presence beautifies the surroundings. Most of the time, having unique and outstanding colors in some parts of the tree. In today's standard, very likely to be an introduced species. In that respect, they are cultivated and readily available from the nursery.

Some of these large tree do produce flowers and plenty of them too.

Flowering Shrubs in the garden

Family Species Locally given names
MALAVACEAE Malvaviscus arboreus Miniature sleeping hibiscus
VERBENACEAE Clerodendrum paniculatum Pagoda Flowers

Flowering trees in the garden and roadside

Family Species Locally given names
FABACEAE Peltophorum pterocarpum Yellow Flame Tree
LYTHRACEAE Lagerstroemia speciosa Rose of India, Queen's Rose
BIGNONIACEAE Spathodea campanulata African Tulip Tree
LEGUMINOSAE Delonix regia Flame of the Forest
FABACEAE Cassia fistula Golden shower
FABACEAE Bauhinia purpurea Butterfly Tree, Orchid Tree

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