Wild Flowers - Malaysian Roadside scrubs


Wild flowers are everywhere. From the grass like weeds to those of small plants with woody stems.

In this page, I have group all the small plants together. Many of them have graduated as ornamental garden plants. But on the other hand, many of our scrubs that flowers the whole year round. In tropical country there would be no mention of being an evergreen.  We take things or nature for granted. Many plants particular the creepers that bears are used to decorate fences. the whole lot of them now just ignored. Today, many of these ornamental flowering plants are long forgotten and not to be seen where I live in Petaling Jaya. I have to scout very hard or get to the rural areas for my pictures. In the urban gardens, imports and hybrids has taken over. All this trend is happening because the commercial operators find better justification to charge better prices. I am trying to bring back those natural flowers. Planted without any concern about maintenance. After all, our soil and climate is the plants natural habitats.

Think about it? Wouldn't it be nice for us to move around our own country and say "Oh that's a Cordia, they haven't clear the place of weeds yet. Or such a beautiful Jacaranda in full bloom. Our educational system do not facilitate us in acquiring that sort of knowledge. It has equipped us to develop that higher levels of appreciating our environment. On the other hand, if you feel like taking up an interest, it is also frustrating tasks to browse through our Library to seek the required information.

Sub-scrubs with flowers

Family Species Locally given names
VERBENACEAE Lantana cemera Bunga Tahi Ayam, Spanish Flag
MELASTOMACEAC Melastoma molle Hairy Sendudok


Scrubs with flowers

Family Species Locally given names
PIPERACEAE Piper aduncum Spiked Pepper
MELASTOMATACEAC Melastoma malabathricum Singapore rhododendron, Senduduk
DILLENIACEAC Dillenia suffruticosa Simpoh Air

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