Flora of Malaysia

I have tried learning more about our local plants and animals, but I find the progress so hard.

There is simply not enough reading materials for the layman. What I need are books with illustrative pictures to cut down the effort and time. I need not have to start from scratch on the topic on Botany. Instead we have to be contented with are a couple of old or pocket size books which are either too brief or old table top books. I am sure there must be many like me, who just wants to recognize what we see, and how to address the plants and animals in the correct way without the need to do any research.

Rather than moaning about this sad fact, I just put all that I gathered in writing. So from the very little I have understood and my hobby of recording what I see in pictures, I made this tiny compilations. Hoping those going on the same way of seeking is spared of those long hours.

There thousands upon thousands of plant life. What I have gathered here are those plants of interest to me and not selected in any particular order.

Know the name of trees - Ornamental Trees as seen in our Parks and road side

Wild flowers by the road side

Flowering Shrubs that keep our road side colorful

Flowering & Fruiting plants that Malaysian Birds are seeking


Other equally interesting topics within the site


Flowers of the wild Ginger plants - a collection of pictures of flowers taken in the jungle

Pitcher plants of Peninsula Malaysia - The few different types you get to see locally

Staghorn fern - a magnificent plants


Some Eco-sight seeing trips too


The Kuala Selangor Nature Park  - that, co-incidentally is also the title of this web page.

Fireflies of Kampong Kuantan - a popular tourist destination


I would consider the site to be under construction, will now be constantly be updated as soon as I get more pictures. Please bear with me and in the meantime, I hope that you get some useful information.


Site was created 8th November 1998
updated 7th September  2000