Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Ring Bund-Left corner


By now, you have almost complete an "U" shaped journey around the Lake. The Coastal Bund continues for another kilometer to reach the vicinity of the Boardwalk. Here the drainage canal runs alongside the Bund.



If you have chosen the way back to the entrance, keep a sharp look out for a small unmarked turn-off on your left. Down a shallow slope you go and through the ferns, there is this perimeter canal for the Lake.




The water here is stagnant, calm and undisturbed. The couple of views here show the waterways coming from the coastal side and below leading inland.


Now, unlike the path on the right, this path cuts through the Park's area. On both sides of the same drain, the banks are flanked with Ferns.



Right behind the Ferns is the territory where trees and creepers dominate.

This is also the location for the experimental Grey Heron resting area. The nests on poles is part of the research effort.



Somewhere in the midst of this track, you meet once again the same Resting shelter and a bridge to take you across to the Brahminy trail.


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Kuala Selangor Nature Park