Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Ring Bund- Right Side path

From the map is it easy to make out that the Park has a square shaped pond or lake. There is the path that runs on the bund surrounding the lake.

As you can see from the picture below, it is a well shaded track. The park has installed appropriate rest station, that cam double up as watch.


Scenes from the Park has changed over the years. Now the track looks slightly unkempt. It is positive in a way that it shows low traffic. A more natural habitat.



 The scene shown here are taken at the far right corner and this shelter along the path.



It a straight path.

If you are coming in from the entrance, then there is thick vegetations on the left for the first half. Thickness of which diminishing to give way to an open lake.

On your right will be the Park's boundary marked by a broad drain.

Don't forget to peep in the dense foliage on your left! You will be surprised by the size of the few resident Mudskippers.

At this corner, the path turning right is blocked off. Visitors continue on the path on the left to go round the Lake.

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Kuala Selangor Nature Park