Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Low bird Hide


We called it the "Low shed". There are 3 watch towers, as it speaks for itself, rather tall and high up. This dark coloured shed is well-prepared to blend in with the surroundings. Access into the shed was discreet without alerting the occupants in the lake. Movements within the shed, like setting up of camera etc, can be done at ease. Inside there is a long bench with a matching shelf in front of it.

 The shelf behind the split opening was equipped with a shelf to support your elbow holding the binoculars or a place for your refreshments while you wait.



It is designed for bird watchers who have planned to allocate some time with the area. When you get bored after been confined in that gloomy enclosure, you could seek some fresh air. Again without interrupting what so ever is going on.


It is a well thought of shed; you can stay amidst nature, take a peep at life around you. The view was simply idealistic.



From the position of the birds around the lake, this would be what they get to see!


For casual visitors, it will be a good practice to confirm what types of birds can be expected around the time of their visit. Very often, the impressive set up conjures up the expectation that there are plenty of birds lazing around the ponds in front of the shed.

One last look at the scene> Could you make out the birds? Perched or just taking off?

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