Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Welcome to the Park

As you have passed through the housing estate in Jalan Klinik and follow the small road to a complete change in scenery, you will be greeted by this familiar "Kris" logo.

A symbol chosen by the Selangor State government to highlight the vicinity of a touristy destination.




The official name of the Park "Taman Alam" is posted in the national language .


The Main administrative complex is now in full view, the reception cum main is hidden by the trees. The noticeable building in the picture is the Science Unit




The road from the car park continues right through, by- passing the office block .

 The road will leads you to the parking area in the chalet.

Please pay your entrance fees at the guard post.


A typical scene of visitors coming from the dormitory towards the office.




Digital images are now added for some updates after the renovation.

Picture above - Sign boards were posted to guide you on your walk.

Picture left - Peeping through the forest to see the chalet.


Picture above - Am assembly hall -for briefings and lectures.

Picture below - The main track that leads into the Park..


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Kuala Selangor Nature Park