Flowers of the Ginger Plants

       Ginger Species - Etlingera -    

More cultivated Ginger - the " Turlips"

I guess that beside the much cultivated "torch" or Etlingera elatior , not too often is seen of another species that we have known as "turlips". This is because of the shape of the flowers. It is sunk in as compared to the core of inflorescence that rises as a cone. In this case the conical shaped is still there, less pronounced and overshadowed by the longer bracts.

The Torch with its open bracts and core, fresh and well defined.


A close-up of a "turlip" flower



Above - the flower fully opened showing the formation of seeds. 

Yet another species with thick swollen bracts.

A view from above.

In the next page, you will see another species of these flowers found in the wild.


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